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J&R Industrial VoIP Telephone for Underground Pipe Gallery Project


J&R Industrial VoIP Telephone for Underground Pipe Gallery Project

What is the underground pipe gallery? Underground pipe gallery is the project which is integrated the city complicated pipelines such as telecommunications, electricity, gas and water supply. and then sort them out in an organized manner. pipeline control is more simple and convenient. Further more, the construction of underground integrated corridors will completely solve the phenomenon of "zipper chain" on the road.

When we walk or dive on the road, the most terrible thing is there is a signal " Construction ahead, Please make a detour". Which is caused of gas pipeline maintenance today, tap burst another day,ect. Sometimes occasionally a manhole cover misses ,it may lead to major accidents. And after heavy rain, a lot of water rest on the city become a major problem. These phenomena will make the image of a city greatly reduced. Nowadays, the underground integrated pipe project started, which means that in the near future, all the problems can be solved in the cities and the quality of the city will naturally be upgraded to a new level.


Someone compared the underground integrated pipe to a city's blood vessels and meridians. The construction of underground integrated corridor is just like the Kongfu to open human body, clear the blood vessels, so that the city runs naturally and smoothly. At present, the traffic jams still exist in rush hour, however, traffic police departments can be effectively and promptly solve. When the rainstorm comes, the water logging in urban areas is greatly reduced. Besides, the construction of the green belt, the transformation of the old community, which make the city look younger and more beautiful.