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JR-TH-01 Acoustic Hood installed in engine room of the Ship in Chile


JR-TH-01 Acoustic Hood installed in engine room of the Ship in Chile

We are very cheerful to share with you that one of our great customer from Chile has installed our JR-TH-01 acoustic hood for their ship cabin project. And we also received a good feedback saying that they are very satisfied with our high quality product,great service and packing details.

JR-TH-01 phone hood made of fiberglass reinforced polyester(GRP),especially designed for installation in high noise level environment,including the corrosive industrial and marine areas(Off-Shore & On-Shore).It will also provide the built-in non hygroscopic sound absorbing filling material and stainless steel installation panel.

The attenuation of this acoustic hood can up to -23dB,it can provide a favorable & comfortable call environment for users.In addition,we can also provide the following custom design for option:
  • Built-in Lamp on top
  • External horn or beacon
  • Red,Blue,Yellow,Orange,Red or other custom color
  • Built-in installation stainless steel panel (will reserve the suitable installation holes to help you install your existing device)
  • Different telephone models for option if you need: Full keypad,Hotline or Hands-free type
Any enquiry or may interested products need further assistance,pls do not hesitate to contact me at any time.J&R will always provide you with most suitable solution and best offer support !