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Emergency intercom telephone were displayed in customer showrooms


Emergency intercom telephone were displayed in customer showrooms

J&R is very cheerful to share with you that one of our great customer displayed some of our emergency industrial intercom in their showrooms as sample.thanks for customer’s cooperation and supporting.
This customer buy a large quantity industrial intercom,and some for his own customer testing,some for his showroom as sample.also he will promote our industrial telephone on his website.

This emergency intercom can be widely used in Elevator,lift,apartment,building,hospital prisons, jail, parking lots,hotel, guard stations, police stations, bank halls, ATM machines, stadiums, inside and outside building etc. 
This intercom can be as a emergency intercom or a speed dial call intercom,for example, you can press the emergency button ask for help in case of emergency,also you can press this button quickly call the person you want to call directly.
If you have any project need this industrial emergency telephone intercom or you want to be our agent and promote our product in your local market,J&R warmly welcome your inquiry, especially OEM cooperation. We will do our best to comply with your requirement with our utmost efforts.