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J&R Explosion-proof telephone Used in India Oil Drilling Project

Jun 9, 2021

  The offshore oil drilling platform is a special ship used for offshore oil exploration operations, and its requirements for safety and pollution prevention are quite high. During offshore oil and gas drilling operations, drilling rigs which weigh hundreds of tons must have sufficient supporting and placing space, as well as a place where the drilling […]

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Hong Kong Prison Telephone Project

Jun 4, 2021

As a new type of prison management mode, the prison telephone system is widely used in the prison management. It is a new type of integrated intelligent communication system for prisoners.And our video phone is also being used in it . It not only has the function of calling , but also can see the […]

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Israel Prison Telephone Project

May 27, 2021

  The prison telephone system plays an important role in the management of prisoners. Prisons usually install some Wall-mounted Vandal Resistance Prison Telephones to maintain the stability of using. Family communication by telephone can help prisoners to promote their ideological stability and peace of mind. Communication with the outside can also help prisoners to release […]

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Industrial Waterproof Telephone Project-Brazil

May 19, 2021

  Brazil, one of the “BRIC countries”, is an important economic large country in South America. The automobile industry is an important economic pillar sector of Brazil, contributing 20% of its industrial output value. Brazil’s automobile industry also drives the revitalization of upstream industries such as steel and autobile spare parts. Recently, a local industrial […]

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Turkey Tunnel Emergency Telephone Project 2

May 12, 2021

  J&R has successfully completed the production of 1,000 sets emergency telephones for the Turkish tunnel project and has already arranged the delivery. In the first phase of the project, J&R provides these 1,000 sets of JR103-CB-SIP weather-resistant emergency telephones which color is customized . After one month of material preparation and production, At the […]

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