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Australian Metro Emergency Phone Project ( Repurchase 3 )

Oct 20, 2021

J&R production department has been producing a batch of subway emergency telephones since the resumption of work on National Day. The customer has purchased three types of subway emergency telephones respectively. This time I want to share 80 JR301-SC-C1 hands-free emergency phones, which are used in the safety equipment of the Australian subway project.   […]

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Australian Metro Emergency Phone Project ( Repurchase )

Oct 13, 2021

After the resumption of work on National Day, the J&R production department has been producing a batch of subway emergency phones. The customer purchased three types of subway emergency phones. This time I want to share 100 sets of JR201-FK-SIP anti-vandal emergency phones, which are used in the Australian subway. Project safety equipment.   JR201-FK-SIP […]

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Holiday Notice of National Day Festival

Sep 29, 2021

Chinese National Day Festival are coming soon, J&R sincere greetings to our customers and friends at home and abroad.   Please be noticed that our company will be temporarily off for the holidays from September 30, 2021 to October, 06, 2021 and will resume regular operations on October, 07, 2021.   If you have any […]

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Turkish TCDD Sivas-Yerkoy Railway Emergency Telephone Project (Repurchase)

Sep 29, 2021

Turkish National Railways owns and maintains all public railways in Turkey, including railway stations, ports, Bridges and tunnels, and maintenance facilities for terminals. In Turkey, railways are an important and common mode of transportation, and even trains can be rented. This time, the Turkish National Railways repurchased 200 pcs JR101-FK trackside weatherproof telephones from J&R […]

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Croatia Highway Tunnel Emergency Telephone Project

Sep 23, 2021

Croatia is a developed capitalist country. With the development of urbanization and the increase in road utilization, road safety emergency measures are also particularly important. In the first half of 2021, Croatia purchased a batch of JR104-SC highway emergency telephones from J&R, For installation in highway tunnel projects. Recently, the customer reported to J&R the […]

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United Arab Emirates Water Plant Weatherproof Emergency Telephone Project

Sep 15, 2021

Water is one of the most common substances, an important resource for the survival of all life, including humans, and the most important component of living organisms. Water has played an important role in the evolution of life. The water plant located in the United Arab Emirates purchased a weatherproof emergency telephone from J&R as […]

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Inner Mongolia Chifeng Baoshan Power Plant Amplified Telephone Project

Sep 8, 2021

  Chifeng City is an important gold producing area and energy and non-ferrous metal base in China. The Yuanbaoshan Power Plant, known as the “Pearl Beyond the Great Wall”, is located in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, and is one of China’s large-scale thermal power plants with modern production levels. Based on environmental safety considerations, the power […]

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J&R emergency telephone installed in the Faroe Islands

Sep 1, 2021

The J&R emergency telephone is installed in the Faroe Islands between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic.   The Faroe Islands are located in the volcanic archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It is consisted of 17 inhabited islands and an uninhabited island. The Faroe Islands have a land area of 1,400 […]

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Emergency telephone project for construction tunnels in Switzerland

Aug 27, 2021

  Switzerland is mountainous and pays great attention to environmental protection. There are a large number of tunnels and bridges built on roads and railway facilities, with many outstanding designs. In consideration of road safety measures, the Swiss tunnel management department has adopted a large number of emergency telephones of our company, which are installed in […]

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Philippine City Government Project

Aug 18, 2021

  In 2015, the Philippines purchased the weather-resistant hotline JR101-CB-SIP from JR and installed it at the street and municipal gates as their emergency help equipment. It has been in use for more than 7 years. Recently, JR received favorable comments from customers in the Philippines and provided us with feedback pictures of the installation and using of […]

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French Hotel Intercom Communication System Project

Aug 12, 2021

  With the improvement of residents’ consumption level, the demand of people for tourism and leisure activities is increasing, which continuously promotes the rapid development of the hotel industry. The basic facilities in the hotel determine the reception capacity and scale of a hotel. In addition to catering and entertainment facilities, the hotel’s internal security facilities […]

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Russia’s clean room emergency telephone project

Aug 5, 2021

Purification engineering is one basic supporting industry with a very wide range of application industries. It has applications in many industries such as electronic information, semiconductors, precision manufacturing, medicine and health, bioengineering, aerospace, automotive spraying and so on. The main function of the clean room is indoor pollution control. Without a clean room, many pollution-sensitive […]

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Emergency Telephone Project of Bolivia Pharmaceutical Factory

Jul 28, 2021

  In pharmaceutical companies, many of raw and auxiliary materials in drug production are hazardous chemicals (such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, concentrated hydrochloric acid, etc.), which are flammable, explosive and corrosive. There are many dangerous and harmful factors in the whole production process, so the emergency communication equipment in the enterprise is particularly important. J&R […]

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Bank of Mexico Public Telephone Project

Jul 21, 2021

Due to the increasing number of accidents that occuring next to ATM machines, bank monitoring tentacles are far from reaching every ATM withdrawal location, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of crimes when withdrawing money by using ATM machines. Therefore, some banks set up direct telephones next to ATM machines to facilitate customers […]

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Kazakhstan military base project

Jul 15, 2021

  Kazakhstan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia and also the largest landlocked country in the world. Based on one’s own strategic interests, building a strong military force can protect the country’s fundamental interests. The military power of Kazakhstan is mainly composed of the army, air force, and navy. The Ministry of National […]

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Turkey subway trackside emergency telephone project

Jul 7, 2021

  In modern society, an efficient transportation system plays a vital role in Turkey’s own security, economic development, and even its geographic role. Railway/Subway—As a concrete embodiment of industrial civilization and transportation modernization, it represents an advanced, efficient and stable mode of transportation. For railway safety considerations, Turkey has adopted our waterproof trackside emergency telephone, […]

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Mexico Gold and Silver Underground Mine Project

Jul 1, 2021

Mexico, as a major economic power country in Latin America and an important mining producer in the world, is very rich in mineral resources. Among them, silver, oil, natural resources and other resources rank in the top of the world. The mine is not only full of gangue that looks like a galaxy under the […]

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Hong Kong Tuen Mun Tunnel Project

Jun 23, 2021

  In Hong Kong, China, there is endless traffic passing through the local tunnels every day, and the Hong Kong subway also carries a large number of passengers, where is a large population with relatively little land. In response to substantial numbers of users, the Hong Kong Government has continuously improved subway safety measures and  […]

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Modane Tunnel Project in France

Jun 16, 2021

  The French road network is the densest in the world and the longest road among EU countries, with a total length of more than 900,000 kilometers, including 12,000 kilometers of highways and more than 800 road tunnels. In consideration of road safety measures, in the “Descenderie de Modane” tunnel under construction of the Modane […]

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J&R Explosion-proof telephone Used in India Oil Drilling Project

Jun 9, 2021

  The offshore oil drilling platform is a special ship used for offshore oil exploration operations, and its requirements for safety and pollution prevention are quite high. During offshore oil and gas drilling operations, drilling rigs which weigh hundreds of tons must have sufficient supporting and placing space, as well as a place where the drilling […]

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