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J&R Signs The “Discovery Brand” Program of CCTV

From the 1980s, the communications technology and communications industry has been one of the fastest growing fields. Nowadays, our daily life is already inseparable from communication equipment. Industrial telephones, as emergency equipment with high protection grade, have also become indispensable communication equipment in many infrastructure projects.


April 28,2020, J&R Technology was recognized by Brand Strengthen A Nation · Independent Brand Optimization Demonstration Project. The signing ceremony was successfully completed recently. In order to carry out the strategy of “Brand Strengthen A Nation”, the demonstration project came into being under the environment of “The Belt and Road”. Discovery Brand is a program broadcast on CCTV, with the unique perspective of the media to tap the folk quality brand, showing the selected enterprises in the quality standard construction, craftsman spirit construction, brand innovation construction, enterprise integrity construction and other outstanding achievements.


Since the establishment of J&R Technology, the company has continuously improved productivity, R&D capability and the quality of sales services. Through years of efforts and development, J&R has become the leading enterprise in the industry special communication equipment profession, and has obtained the High Technology Expertise(HNTE) certification. Up to now, J&R has passed the ISO9001 certification, and the products have achieved the CE, FCC, A-tick, IECEX, RCM and other major international product certification.


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