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JR101-FK-HB Weatherproof Telephone Installed in German Factory

JR101-FK-HB Weatherproof Telephone

As an industrial communication device, JR101-FK-HB is a rugged sip telephone, widely used in tunnels and subways. The rugged sip telephone is salt spray tested for 5 days to 4 weeks. J&R provides a complete communication system, including VoIP telephones and analog, rugged sip telephones that are widely used in ships, cruise ships, drilling platforms, and docks.

1. Robust aluminum alloy die-cast body, Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware, simple installation. 
2. Full keypad with memory, 1 button programmable,support free dial. 
3. With external 30W loud speaker.Material: metal. Impeddance:8Ω.Freq.Resp:300-7000HZ. S.P.L:(1M/W):108dB. Magnet: ALum 
4. With red flash Light. Work voltage: 12V DC/10W 
5. Lightening protection to ITU-Trecommendation K.21. 
6. Heavy Duty handset with hearing aid compatible(HAC) receiver,Noise canceling microphone. 
7. Door cover: orient automatically and good self-closing, convenient for use. 
8. Temperature range from -40 degree to +70 degree. 
9. Support echo cancellation. 
10. Remote software upgrade, configuration, and monitoring. 
11. Powder coated in UV stabilized polyester finish. 

12. Application: Tunnel, metro, railway, LRT, speedway, marine, ship, offshore, mine, power plant, bridge, etc.


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