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Special Promotion in July


Special Promotion in July
Activity Name: 50% off for sample
Activity Time: July,2019
Activity Content: In July 30% off for one sample to all customers;50% off by sharing our promotion message on facebook!!
Our Facebook link is as following:

1. Each customer company can only purchase one sample at a discount during the event.
2. The final resolution is owned by J&R.


J&R Technology Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer that provides custom telephone solutions all around the world. Our products include telephone systems, various of telephone terminals such as industrial telephone, weatherproof heavy duty telephone, explosion proof telephone, vandal proof public telephone, emergency telephone, help point, call station and others like acoustic telephone hood, telephone pillar and telephone accessories

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J&R Technology is the leading manufacturer and designer of telephone solutions for customers around the world. Our production includes telephone sets, and their peripherals and core components.