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Offshore Facilities and Oil & Gas application

Aug 22, 2019

Offshore Facilities and Oil & Gas  How Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones can help improve maritime communications in offshore areas,and also look at offshore IP networking issues that need to be evaluated when selecting industrial or emergency communications at sea including SIP (VoIP) offshore telephones, intrinsically safe / Ex and seawater resistant telephones. Offshore areas such as oil […]

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J&R Provided the Customized Blue Emergency Telephone tower for Public Area Project

Aug 10, 2019

We are very honored to have this valuable opportunity to contribute to the public projects in Lebanon,we provide special customized design services based on the standard JR321-SC blue emergency phone tower model to meet the project’s requirements of our customer. Here are the highlights of this design solution: Solar panels and batteries are sized according […]

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War can not stop J&R Weatherproof Telephones Export to Yemen

Aug 5, 2019

J&R is delighted to share with you that our weatherproof telephones have been installed for Cement Plant Project in Yemen even though the war is going on in there. And we have received a favorable comments from the client.   Base on the requirements of our Yemen client, we provide them a customized solution — 3G+Analog telephone. […]

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Our weatherproof telephone as IP Dispatching Emergency Telephone used in China Three Gorges New Energy Power Plant.

Jul 30, 2019

The Three Gorges Water Control Project is a large-scale water conservancy project built on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in China. It is the largest hydropower station in the world.   Due to the environment where the wind power is located, the salt spray is corroded, the humidity is high, and the equipment […]

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J&R Hands-free Telephone was Installed at Tunnel Entrance project (Under Construction) in HongKong

Jul 18, 2019

We are very glad to share with you that one of our great customer from HongKong installed our JR308-FK-IW SIP handsfree emergency telephone in Tunnel Entrance,this tunnel project still under Construction. As a standard SIP2.0 Protocol telephone and it connection to a VoIP network,with direct connection to LAN or WAN via connector and can be […]

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Industrial Telephone Introduction

Jul 15, 2019

J&R Industrial Telephone This article will introduce how Industrial Telephones can help improve internal communications in harsh environment such as Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro stations, Railway platform, Highway side, Hotels, Parking lots, Steel Plants, Chemical plants, Power plants and related heavy duty industrial application. The document will also look at IP networking issues that […]

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J&R Weatherproof Telephone for Food Processing Factory

Jul 9, 2019

  J&R weatherproof telephone has been installed in a Food Processing Factory in Netherlands. Some Food Processing Factories are under a production environment where needs a lot of water and cleaning soap to clean. Therefore, it required the telephone must be in a high waterproof rate. J&R IP67 waterproof telephone with a fancy looking and robust handset meet […]

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J&R SOS Help Point With Built-In IP Camera Was Installed In Manchester Airport Project.

Jul 3, 2019

J&R team provide a special customized of JR315-SC SOS Video Phone (Emergency Call Point with built-in IP Camera )for Manchester Airport project in the UK.   The Handsfree SOS Telephone with camera is designed to meet the needs of client who experience loss through vandalism. Housed in cold rolled steel box and manufactured to a […]

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Special Promotion in July

Jun 28, 2019

  Special Promotion in July Activity Name: 50% off for sample Activity Time: July,2019 Activity Content: In July 30% off for one sample to all customers;50% off by sharing our promotion message on facebook!! Our Facebook link is as following: https://www.facebook.com/Weatherproof-Telephone-Supplier-2184143881640530/ Remarks: 1. Each customer company can only purchase one sample at a discount during […]

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Telephone Peripheral Accessories And Telephone Core Components: A Brief Guide

Jun 17, 2019

If we talk about one of the biggest revolutions that technology has had, then telephones are one of them. Not only then increased the efficiency of communication, but also led to the development. It aides the growth of industry and thus became an integral part of the industrial revolution. Though the basic purpose of using […]

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J&R Technologies Emergency Intercom and Multi-Function Intercom Systems

Jun 17, 2019

Emergency Intercom System Emergency situation at the workplace or at home can be very common, inclement weather, chemical spills, shooters at the building, floods, earthquake and other conditions are very common . Well, installing a wired system of communication comes at a higher cost, having a wireless system in buildings can be a good solution. […]

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A Brief Guide to Industrial Telephones

Jun 17, 2019

Without a doubt, telephones have become an integral part of modern day lifestyle. It has become so essential part of human civilization that in this era of technological development it is hard to think of a life without a telephone. After the invention of the device by Alexander Graham Bell, it has become the most […]

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