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J&R Emergency Telephone Call Box Get the Bid

Aug 5, 2020

J&R are very honored to cooperate with India leading intelligent transportation system supplier (Metro Infrasys). Metro Infrasys Pvt. Ltd. head office based in New Delhi is an emerging leader in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems with an impressive track record, in collaborations with top concession companies in India. In this cooperation, Metro Infrasys chose the J&R […]

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J&R telephones installed at Manchester Airport

Jul 30, 2020

Manchester Airport is an international airport at Ringway, Manchester, England, 7.5 nautical miles south-west of Manchester city centre. In 2016, it was the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom in terms of passenger numbers and the busiest of those not serving London. J&R combined with the local passenger flow and the actual needs of […]

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Netflix Chooses J&R

Jul 15, 2020

Congratulations to J&R Technology join hand with Netflix, showing J&R telephone products in the film for the first time. The J&R prison telephone acts as a prop at a jail scene in the latest German-language film BETONRAUSCH released by Netflix, which is displayed in the audience’s view. Netflix, Inc. is an American media-services provider and production company. Today, Netflix became […]

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J&R Induction Loop Passed ECM Certification

Jul 2, 2020

JR-IL-01 Induction Loop accessories released this year have passed ECM product certification.   According to the World Health Organization, 642 million people in the world suffer from hearing loss. It affects one in six of us in the UK. That’s more than 11 million people.   Many of these have a hearing aid or cochlear implant, which […]

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Holiday Notice of Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 24, 2020

Dragon Boat Festival in 2020 is coming, J&R sincere greetings to our customers and friends at home and abroad. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the Chinese folk traditional festival, and is known as one of the China’s four traditional festivals with the Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. Dragon Boat Festival culture has a wide influence in the world, […]

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J&R Signs The “Discovery Brand” Program of CCTV

Jun 18, 2020

From the 1980s, the communications technology and communications industry has been one of the fastest growing fields. Nowadays, our daily life is already inseparable from communication equipment. Industrial telephones, as emergency equipment with high protection grade, have also become indispensable communication equipment in many infrastructure projects.   April 28,2020, J&R Technology was recognized by Brand Strengthen A Nation · Independent Brand […]

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Prospect Of Urban Underground Pipe Gallery

Jun 15, 2020

Underground pipe gallery refers to the public tunnel of municipal pipeline under the city for centralized laying of electricity, communications, radio and television, water supply, drainage, heat, gas, etc, which is a modern, scientific and intensive urban infrastructure. In 1833, since the birth of the first modern integrated pipe gallery in France, the pipe gallery […]

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May Sales Promotion

May 16, 2020

Dear customers:   Reciprocal help is a traditional Chinese virtue. Since the start-up of J&R Technology, we have received support and recognition from many customers at home and abroad. As a leading special telephone manufacturer in China, J&R technology decides to give a discount on May in order to help customers return to normal wok […]

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J&R Technology Bulletin On Special Policies During The Global Epidemic

Apr 2, 2020

We are terribly sorry that our complimentary masks can not be delivered with the goods for the time being, because we have received the latest policy notice from China customs. Regarding the new policy related to the delivery of masks, we are working on it, kindly note.   Related Links: https://jrteck.com/jr-technology-sincerely-advice-and-special-policies-under-the-global-epidemic/  

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J&R Technology Sincerely Advice and Special Policies Under the Global Epidemic

Apr 1, 2020

The following policies have been implemented by J&R Technology to help our partners and customers overcome the COVID-19:   Each telephone we sell you will offer 5 complimentary masks and 5 pairs of disposable gloves.   J&R Technology can assist you in purchasing essential items in the early stages of resumption of work, such as masks, […]

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The Latest Emergency Communication Products Developed by J&R and Its Partners Are Being Vigorously Promoted

Mar 31, 2020

March 31, 2020 /Newswire – Spain/– J&R Technology, a leader in researching and developing special telephones, is joining focus with OneUP to produce Totem. This month J&R Technology announced the availability of its new emergency telephone, which can save the lives of drowning people, or automatically call the rescue center to provide aid when the […]

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J&R Technology Offers Industrial Weatherproof Telephone to Colombia

Mar 19, 2020

March. 19, 2020 /Newswire-Colombia/ — J&R Technology, a leading manufacturer and supplier of special telephone is finished a new project about subsurface mine in Colombia in first quarter. J&R Technology’s special telephone provides a enormous safety guarantee for high-risk mining industries where full of human love and hate.   Recently, JR101-FK-HB IP67 Weatherproof Telephone are […]

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2020 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Jan 15, 2020

Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Notice   Dear Customers,   J&R is much appreciate all of you for giving our company full support in past year! Here, we are pleased to inform you that the Chinese New Year is upcoming,our office & factory will be temporarily out of duty from January18 th to February 3th, and we will be back on duty on Feb. […]

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J&R 3G Remote Programming SOS Telephone Pillars for Roadside in UK

Jan 11, 2020

J&R is very delight to share with you that our 3G Remote Programming Emergency Telephone Pillars has been installed against the roadside near a bridge in UK.   Our client told us that there are many people go to that bridge to suicide each year, in order to save some life, they were plan to install […]

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Dec 24, 2019

Hope in the upcoming festival, there is joy, there is warmth. The same must be more secure. we hope J & R technology has been able to help you guard。 Merry Christmas!

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Our JR101-CB emergency phone was installed at the Hilton Hotel in Peru

Dec 2, 2019

The Peruvian client installed our emergency phone at the Hilton Hotel, customer request to pick up the machine dial, with a volume control button. Our analog version of the phone, with automatic dial, call automatic answer function, but also can set volume control button, perfectly meet the needs of customers. Our telephone is made of […]

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J&R Went to Europe for A Two-week Customer Visit Trip

Nov 6, 2019

J&R is delighted to share with you that our directors Kevin and Marvin were went to visit some Europe customers last month (on October).   During this two-week visiting customers trip, Kevin and Marvin have visited about 15 companies in Italy, Slovenia, Norseland, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, and Croatia. They not only further introduce J&R’s products, […]

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J&R after-sale warranty for customers in Hong Kong

Oct 20, 2019

J&R is committed to achieving the highest standard of after sales service. All J&R products are covered under warranty for maintenance of the machine parts, materials and functions.   To have you enjoyed our warranty services efficiently, Our after-sales team would be glad to offer our top after-sales services to all our valued customers. We’ll inspect your warranty […]

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J&R Emergency Telephone to be installed in Charles Darwin University In Australia.

Sep 24, 2019

J&R Emergency Telephone to be installed in Charles Darwin University In Australia.   This telephone is one of our hot products, JR 100 series, JR 101-3B, 3G version.   As a sample, it is going to be installed near the students’ dormitory of Charles Darwin University In Australia, which can meet our customer’s perfect need. Under any […]

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J&R Industrial Telephone Special Promotion In September

Sep 11, 2019

Activity Name: 50USD or 150USD  Coupons Activity Time: September,2019 Activity Content:You can get a coupon of 50-150 usd by filling in the customer satisfaction questionnaire Coupons Instructions: 1.Coupon worth $50: For a single order less than $1000.00 (not include freight charges) , starting from September 2019, Valid for 3 months (Till the end of November). […]

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