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The JR304-SC Emergency Telephone Is Installed At Local Parking Lots, Taxi Stands, And Bus Stops In Japan

Jan 23, 2024

The outdoor intercom is a telephone device specifically designed for outdoor emergency calls. It can be wall-mounted or embedded, with easy and sturdy installation that ensures durability and an attractive appearance. The outdoor intercom features full-duplex two-way voice communication and complies with the internationally recognized SIP protocol. As a SIP intercom, it requires only one […]

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(ONGC) Indian Oil Project Installs Explosion-Proof Telephones

Dec 7, 2023

Oil pipelines are vital facilities for the transportation and delivery of oil and its derivatives, and emergency communication telephones play a crucial role in the oil pipeline system. 1. Emergency communication capability: Various emergencies can occur during the operation of oil pipelines, such as leaks, explosions, and fires. In these situations, timely communication is crucial […]

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Telephone Acoustic Hoods

Jul 31, 2023

Telephone acoustic hoods are one of the common public facilities in people’s lives, and sound insulation materials play an essential role in telephone booths. Three principles of soundproofing material mainly includes three aspects: sound absorption, reflection, and isolation.   Sound absorption refers to the conversion of sound wave energy into other forms of energy for consumption. […]

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Highway Emergency Bollard Phones

Jul 21, 2023

The UK Has A World-Class Transportation Network, Both Between And Within UK Cities. With A Total Road Length Of Nearly 395,000 Kilometers, The UK Is Well Connected By Road Traffic. Freeways And A Roads Are Responsible For 65% Of Road Traffic.   Concept Formation In the 1960s, it was first applied on Australia’s highways, where telephone […]

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JR321-SC Emergency Telephone Installed In US Local Parking Lot

Jul 13, 2023

Emergency phone tower Engineered to be a robust, completely wireless communication solution, the Advance Emergency Phone Tower is ideal for enhancing public security on college campuses,parking lots,transit stations.remote bike paths and trails,and anywhere where additional lighting and added safety and security are needed   Features 1.The latest LTE certified voice 2.Weather-proof,tamper-proof steel housing protects the […]

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J&R Hotline Phones Installed In Austrian Graz-Karlau Prison & Schwarzau Prison

Jun 29, 2023

Graz-Karlau Prison Graz-Karlau Prison is located in Gries, the 5th district of the city of Graz, capital of the Austrian state of Styria. With a capacity of 552 inmates, Graz-Karlau is the third-largest prison in Austria. Women’s Prison Schwarzau Schwarzau Prison is the only criminal institution in Austria responsible for the execution of judicial custodial […]

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Weatherproof Telephones Installed in Saudi SWCC Plant

Jun 19, 2023

Waterproof telephone belongs to the special telephone category of fixed-line telephone. According to the use environment and strength, it can be divided into two categories: consumer waterproof telephone and industrial waterproof telephone. The JR100 series telephones are fully contained within a corrosion-resistant cast aluminum weatherproof case with a door providing complete protection against dust and […]

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Installation Pictures of Shenzhen Underground Pipe Gallery Project

Jun 9, 2023

What role does the underground gallery play in the city? A comprehensive pipeline gallery is a tunnel space built underground in the city, and various engineering pipelines such as power, communication, gas, heating, water supply, and drainage are integrated into one. It is a modern, scientific and intensive urban infrastructure, which can effectively solve the […]

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Installation Pictures Of JREX101 in Chemical Plants

Jun 1, 2023

1. The application of the explosion-proof phone The explosion-proof telephone was originally developed for coal mines and other inflammable and explosive places, generally used in factories and mining enterprises of the second type of places. The explosion-proof telephone adopts a protective element and safety barrier to ensure the reliability of safety spark performance. Its ring […]

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JR202-FK installed in American Summer Camp

May 22, 2023

What is an American Summer camp? Summer camp originated in the United States in 1861, the original purpose is to let modern city children away from big cities and return to nature, and outdoor life through a variety of activities and exercises, to become tough, brave, and correct behavior. As time goes by, the content […]

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Installation Diagram Of Columbia Prison JR212-FK-4G Project

May 9, 2023

In the course of the whole social progress, prison as an important part of the judicial system is gradually modernizing. The phone is a very important device in prison, playing a very important role in family communication and social help and education, to promote prisoners’ stability and peace of mind reform. Based on the special […]

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Clean Room Intercom Installation Project in Korea

Apr 27, 2023

The typical application of clean room is manufacturing or scientific research, which requires low content of environmental pollutants, such as dust, air microorganisms, float and sink, chemical pollutants, etc. More precisely, clean rooms control contaminants down to the amount of impurities per cubic meter. For continuous monitoring and control of the environment, high precision measuring […]

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Technical Engineer Debugging Telephone Set On Crane in Port

Apr 12, 2023

Quanzhou Wharf Telephone Commissioning This weatherproof telephone is very popular for Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro stations, Railway platform, Highway side, Hotels, Parking lots, Steel Plants, Chemical plants, Power plants, and related heavy duty industrial application, etc. Extremely easy to install. The cable entrance is on the back of the phone to prevent from artificial damage, while […]

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French Park Scenic Area Outdoor Waterproof Telephone Project

Apr 8, 2023

J&R Technology Co., Ltd waterproof telephone JR101-FK has been installed in French Park and is now in use. The park provides a place for leisure and entertainment for the surrounding residents and tourists, strengthening the supervision and safety management of the park is an important task for the park managers. In this project, our waterproof telephone was […]

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JR Tunnel Telephone Installed in Chongqing Gaoteng Avenue

Mar 30, 2023

Outdoor Roadside SOS call box The Hands Free Telephone is designed to meet the needs of clients who experience loss through vandalism. Ideal for Highways, parking lots, Roadside, railway/metro platforms, hospitals, police stations,  outside buildings, etc. Housed in a cold rolled steel box and manufactured to a high standard, these telephones offer increased resistance to vandalism, […]

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JR Waterproof Telephone Installed in Saudi Arabia SWCC Sewage Treatment Plant

Mar 15, 2023

JR101-FK Waterproof Telephone Telephone waterproof for tunnel purposes made of aluminum alloy material by die casting. The telephone waterproof is and rugged and durable. Special sealing design can ensure a complete waterproof grade up to IP66. Waterproof, dustproof, and moisture-resistant. The telephone is waterproof and widely used in tunnels and outdoors. Most metro and high-speed […]

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JR205-FK Rugged Telephone Installed in Zhengzhou Subway Station

Mar 9, 2023

  JR205-FK Rugged public telephone A public emergency telephone is in the place where the accident that easy to install for sos emergency telephone for help. We can provide elevator parts Telephone Emergency Phones SOS device security telephones with speed dial buttons optional for the ship cockpit. Highway of highway roadside emergency telephones, waterproof telephones for […]

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JR204-FK Prison Telephone Installed in Local Prison in Poland

Mar 4, 2023

JR204-FK prison telephone The inmate’s phone call using a metal casing has a destructive character. Prison call, with a high-definition LCD display, and 16 external metal buttons, use a magnetic hook, the phone hangs up automatically when the phone is hung up, use a metal phone line, to prevent tearing. Features: 1. With auto-dial function […]

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JR Telephone Installed in Shandong Binzhou Underground Pipe Gallery

Feb 23, 2023

JR-MT-08 Pipe Gallery Telephone Combination The industrial intercom is designed for heavy industry or noisy environments. It has a solid shell to protect the keys and the calling main board, which has good ip ratings waterproof, and can reach ip66. The intercom has a complete set of functional keys, which can dial any user at […]

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JR Waterproof Telephone Installed in A Paper Mill in Osnaburuk, Germany

Feb 17, 2023

JR101-FK-SIP Weatherproof Telephone The weatherproof telephone is an emergency phone that specifically addresses the harsh environment of the outdoor industry. weatherproof telephone for tunnel purposes made of aluminum alloy material by die casting. The telephone is rugged and durable. Special sealing design can ensure a complete waterproof grade up to IP66. weatherproof, dustproof, and moisture-resistant. The weatherproof telephone is widely used […]

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