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Customized 1570 waterproof telephones for the Russian nuclear power plant project

Sep 28, 2022

Weatherproof Telephone JR101-CB We are a professional industrial phone manufacturer. Manufactured mobile phones are often used outdoors, at construction sites, at nuclear power plants, underground pipe galleries, etc. The phone case is made of metal casting, airtight, IP66 waterproof, durable, and vandal resistant. It can also be used as a waterproof phone and an outdoor […]

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JR103-FK Waterproof Telephone Installed in Fujian Luoyu Wharf

Sep 24, 2022

Luoyu Port As the core port area of a large-scale dry bulk port built in Fujian, Luoyu Port is located on the main international shipping route and is the first large-scale deep-water port for large iron ore fleets to reach China in the south. With tons of large dry bulk cargo berths, the comprehensive throughput […]

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Custom Weatherproof Phones For French Autobahn Tunnels JR101-FK-L-SIP

Sep 2, 2022

Weatherproof Telephone R101-FK-L-SIP The weatherproof telephone adopts a metal weatherproof shell to minimize environmental damage to the phone. The sturdy shell can prevent damage to the phone. The airtightness is good, and the waterproof level reaches IP67. It can be used normally in outdoor weather. The weatherproof telephone is an emergency phone that specifically addresses the […]

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JR210-1B-SIP Installed in Chilean Shopping Mall

Aug 25, 2022

JR210-1B-SIP Speed dial telephone We specialize in the production and sale of stainless steel call system automatic dial telephone waterproof telephone, with CE certification. This is a phone with a metal casing. You can install your phone indoors or outdoors. It is a freely movable landline that can be placed outdoors and is tamper-proof. The red […]

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JREX-103-2B Installed At NWIS Oil&Gas Platform in India

Aug 18, 2022

What is an intrinsically safe phone? Intrinsic safety is an abbreviation of “intrinsic safety”. It is a type of explosion-proof electrical equipment that can be used in industrial areas where there are explosive gases, oil platforms, mines, and other dangerous areas. Intrinsically safe power supply, if not protected by another explosion-proof type, can only be […]

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