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Emergency Telephone Project of Bolivia Pharmaceutical Factory

Jul 28, 2021

  In pharmaceutical companies, many of raw and auxiliary materials in drug production are hazardous chemicals (such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, concentrated hydrochloric acid, etc.), which are flammable, explosive and corrosive. There are many dangerous and harmful factors in the whole production process, so the emergency communication equipment in the enterprise is particularly important. J&R […]

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Bank of Mexico Public Telephone Project

Jul 21, 2021

Due to the increasing number of accidents that occuring next to ATM machines, bank monitoring tentacles are far from reaching every ATM withdrawal location, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of crimes when withdrawing money by using ATM machines. Therefore, some banks set up direct telephones next to ATM machines to facilitate customers […]

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Kazakhstan military base project

Jul 15, 2021

  Kazakhstan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia and also the largest landlocked country in the world. Based on one’s own strategic interests, building a strong military force can protect the country’s fundamental interests. The military power of Kazakhstan is mainly composed of the army, air force, and navy. The Ministry of National […]

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Turkey subway trackside emergency telephone project

Jul 7, 2021

  In modern society, an efficient transportation system plays a vital role in Turkey’s own security, economic development, and even its geographic role. Railway/Subway—As a concrete embodiment of industrial civilization and transportation modernization, it represents an advanced, efficient and stable mode of transportation. For railway safety considerations, Turkey has adopted our waterproof trackside emergency telephone, […]

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Mexico Gold and Silver Underground Mine Project

Jul 1, 2021

Mexico, as a major economic power country in Latin America and an important mining producer in the world, is very rich in mineral resources. Among them, silver, oil, natural resources and other resources rank in the top of the world. The mine is not only full of gangue that looks like a galaxy under the […]

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