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Waterproof telephone project in Indian metro

321 sets of full-keyboard subway waterproof telephone JR105-FK-SIP for Indian customers have been produced and are ready for shipment. Another 321 sets of waterproof hands-free phone JR104-SC-SIP purchased by this customer are in production, thank you for your support and trust!

JR105-FK-SIP waterproof phone with LCD display, numeric keys and ABS material handset. The phone shell is made of aluminum alloy, with imported waterproof rubber ring embedded, which has good corrosion resistance, waterproof and dustproof performance.

Any system upgrade of the phone can be completed in the management and control center, and the SIP phone can be managed remotely to ensure the low-cost and efficient operation of the phone.

If our telephone can help you in your field, we welcome any comments and project inquiries: sales@jrteck.com

waterproof phone

waterproof phone

waterproof phone

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