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A Brief Guide to Industrial Telephones

Without a doubt, telephones have become an integral part of modern day lifestyle. It has become so essential part of human civilization that in this era of technological development it is hard to think of a life without a telephone. After the invention of the device by Alexander Graham Bell, it has become the most popular oral communication device. With the advancement of technology, the telephone has also gone through many changes and it has reached a stage where it enables people to communicate with each other irrespective in emergency situations too. With the course of time, it has also become an indispensable part of the government, business and household. However, over a period of time, we have seen the growing importance of mobile phones and its other variants. But, when we talk about industrial application, then there is nothing that can replace the industrial telephones. These phones are popular for commercial usage and are designed in a manner that it resists water, they are vandal free and explosion free. They are designed in a manner that it resist complex conditions and is able to perform well. Weatherproof telephone, Explosion proof telephone and vandal resistant telephone are three different types of emergency telephones which are developed to cope up with adverse situation beneath is a brief discussion about what these telephones are all about. Have a look:

Get an Idea about what is a weatherproof telephone

As mentioned the prime functionality of telephone is to enable people to communicate irrespective of the distance. And to enable people to carry communication process even during a hostile environment condition weatherproof telephone is developed. These phones are making it possible to maintain a communication process without any interruption in an adverse weather condition. This oral commutation device designed focusing on reliability, safety and efficiency of which makes the phone suitable in using difficult climatic condition. Weatherproof telephones as evident from the name are designed and developed in a manner that it resist tough environmental conditions like acidic atmosphere, loud ambient noise, explosive gases or varying temperature and are able to perform well. In addition, these phones also can be used in the presence of dust and water access in the environment. Weatherproof telephones are apt for using both indoor outdoor. Beneath mentioned are few features which make these phones unique:

• The weatherproof telephone comes with modular handset connection; modular line connection and rugged handset with are embedded with the noise-cancelling microphone.
• These phones are easy to use at adverse situations as these phones have to stores speed dial numbers for fast push button access by the telephone user.
• The weatherproof telephone is designed in a way that they are easy to install on a pole or wall and they also come with moisture as well as puncture proof speakers.
• They are line powered and voice announcement, as well as second number autodial, is in the list of its functionality. They are also added with the feature of automatic disconnect and adjustable conversation timer.

Key features of weatherproof telephone:

1. They must have IP protection. Usually it is IP 66 with Gasket.
2. They are made up of light alloy
3. It draws power from the telephone network
4. The cord of such phones is usually screened cable which is covered with stainless steel spiral cord
5. It comes with a built in ringer and the volume of the ringer is more than 90 decibel
6. For better visuals it has LED

These features may vary from company to company, for example, you can opt for sturdy telephones like R101-FK,JR101-FK-L,JR102-2B by J & R Technology Ltd. These telephones are designed to combat harsh industrial conditions and find application in chemical and petrochemical industry, parking space or any recreational park.

Know about Explosion proof telephone

Explosion proof telephone is designed to deal with hazardous conditions. Just like the weatherproof phones, these phones are also designed with reliable efficient functionalities that can cope up with the volatile environment. In addition, during designing these phones, the safety aspect is also taken into consideration. JREX101,JREX103-CB,JREX101-CB examples of explosion proof telephones that come in both an analog model and SIP or VoIP model

Things associated with using the explosion-proof telephone

– These telephones are easy to install , they can be directly connected to any telephone network making use of wires.
– The best part about these telephones is that the functionality of these telephones remain unaffected even at a height of 15,000 feet. However, these kind of telephones may require special wiring. Explosion proof telephone comes in both tome dialling and pulse dialling which can be factory set. In addition to a loud calling signal, there is build in an exterior ringer in the phone. And for an incoming call, there is a high visual intensity LED indicator is embedded in the phone. It comes with a large push bottom which ensures quick dial

Explosion proof telephone can be used:

– These inherently safe, explosion proof telephones are for perfect to use within refineries, grain elevators, oil rigs, the petrochemical industry, off-shore platforms or mining. Furthermore, these phones are also opposite to use in hazardous areas where explosive gases and dust are a key consideration.
– Places of application- This telephone is used in places like fertilizer plants, defense installation, tankers and tanker deposit, Oil and Gas Metering facilities etc. In simple words, these telephones are used in places where harsh environmental exists. In such conditions, you would need telephone which can easily combat these condition without getting affected by climate.

Vandal resistant telephone: Get acquainted

Having telephones in public place make it prone to attack and vandalism, hence such telephones need to be robust and sturdy. They must be designed with material that can resist attack and perform efficiently even in harsh conditions. Vandal resistant telephones are one such telephone that you must be looking for. These are specially designed to be resilient and resist vandalism. These are primarily used in community places especially in the public places where security is a concern and resilience is a requisite. There are companies which ensure vandal resistant telephone that consists of armored cable, a heavy-duty black hearing aid that is attuned amplified handset and a phone with a heavyweight stainless steel panel. J&R Technology Ltd is a renowned name that manufactures a great quality vandal-free phone. Some of the popular models include JR201-FK,JR211-CB,JR212-FK that are few examples of vandal resistant telephones that are available in the analog model, SIP or VoIP model,GSM model and 3G model. Beneath are certain factors associated with the vandal resistant telephone. Before you are palling to purchase a vandal resistant telephone go through it once to get an idea about the phone:

• There are certain vandal resistant telephones which are specially designed to ensure secured reliable communication in class 1, Division II hazardous areas. These phones are resistant towards adverse weather, corrosion and compatible to work in most hostile conditions.
• Prior to installation or repair or maintenance make sure to declassify the hazardous location. Also precisely observe that no electrical connections are active. Before taking up the repairing process go through the warranty and disclaimers.
• The vandal resistant telephone is encompassed with noise reduction microphones with ensures high-level lucidity in hearing in areas with high noise.
• The designing of these telephones is done keeping in consideration ease of installation. You can variants like desk mounting, they have large buttons for easy usage . The cord of these telephones are sturdy and comes with noise cancelling feature.

J&R Technology Ltd : A Brand to trust when it comes to industrial phones:

There are a number of companies that manufacture industrial telephone and one of them is J&R Technology Ltd. They manufacture telephones as per industrial requirement. We make use of state of the art technology to manufacture our products which makes it a perfect fitment for a different industrial requirement. The company is a leading supplier of products to different industries like Power & Utility, Minerals and mining, Manufacturing industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing & Processing. All the products manufactured under the umbrella of J&R Technology are accredited and certified as per industrial standards thus making it suitable for commercial usage without getting affected . .

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