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Turkey Tunnel Emergency Telephone Project

Apr 28, 2021

J&R is very honored to cooperate with one of Turkey’s largest road and tunnel automation system service providers in the tunnel emergency telephone project. In the first phase of the project, J&R provides 1,000 sets of JR103-CB-SIP weather-resistant emergency telephones which color is customized . After a month of material preparation and production, the production […]

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Saudi oil refinery Explosion-proof emergency telephone project

Apr 21, 2021

At the beginning of 2021, the explosion-proof emergency telephone project of J&R Technology Co., Ltd.  was successfully completed in Saudi oil refinery. Saudi Arabia has a very rich oil resources, has a pivotal position in the international oil market.As a major global oil producer, Saudi accounts for 10 percent of the world’s crude oil output.Most […]

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Australia Waste Recycling Station Project

Apr 7, 2021

  The waste recycling station is mainly engaged in waste recycling. It is a material reuse and recycling company establishes in accordance with national laws . According to its own advantage, it collects materials that enterprises or individuals need to abandon or scrap, reduce environmental pollution, and improve material recycling. Using , turning  waste into […]

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Australian Waste Disposal Station Project

Mar 31, 2021

Recycling of waste products refers to the collection, sorting, processing, and reuse of waste products. It is a kind of paid waste disposal and life service, which is purchased by professional and regular waste recycling stations or companies. Recently, a customer in Australia purchased a JR104-SC dust-proof and weather-proof phone from our company and installed […]

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Mexico Food Processing Plant Project

Mar 24, 2021

  Congratulations on the application of J&R’s waterproof industrial phone in a food processing plant in Mexico, and received fantastic feedback from customers. In order to maintain a good production level, improve labor productivity, ensure food safety, and smooth production work, the customer purchased the JR101-FK-L waterproof industrial phone from our company as their safety […]

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