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Clients of Hong Kong won the silver prize in Geneva International Invention Exhibition with Smart Prison

Recently, the 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions closed in Geneva, Switzerland, and announced the list of winners. Founded in 1973, the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions is an annual large-scale international exhibition organized by the Swiss Federal Government, the Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. It is one of the world’s oldest and grandest exhibitions of inventions. Every year in April, on the shores of Lake Geneva, inventors, and invention lovers from dozens of countries around the world will gather in Geneva to bring their new inventions, new technologies, and new ideas, and compete with each other. The award categories are gold, silver, and bronze.


Hong Kong clients have introduced several innovative technologies and systems into smart prisons. Among them, the “IICS Integrated Intelligent Communication System for Prisoners”, jointly developed by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Correctional Services Department, and Hong Kong Technology Company Limited, was honored to participate in the exhibition and won the Silver Award. It aims to bring about a more up-to-date, systematic, efficient, and user-friendly management model for prisons.


IICS automates the tedious communication process and enables them to call their relatives and friends in a self-service manner, greatly reducing the time required for the call process and strengthening the contact between prisoners and their relatives and friends. Inmates reported that they were happy to have more flexibility in making phone calls instead of relying on correctional staff for external communication whenever they wanted to. The system has also greatly reduced the manpower pressure on correctional staff in handling communications, reducing the average time spent on each call request by 60 percent and freeing up more time for staff to perform other more important duties.


With the promotion of the construction of smart prisons, the prison is no longer in the traditional management mode of strict defense, but to the comprehensive perception, collaborative interaction, efficient order, intelligent wisdom, and other aspects of in-depth exploration. Constantly improving the intelligence level of prison work will become the only way to realize the modernization of prison governance capacity, and deepening the construction of intelligent prisons will always be on the way.

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