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JR210-1B-SIP Installed in Chilean Shopping Mall

Aug 25, 2022

JR210-1B-SIP Speed dial telephone We specialize in the production and sale of stainless steel call system automatic dial telephone waterproof telephone, with CE certification. This is a phone with a metal casing. You can install your phone indoors or outdoors. It is a freely movable landline that can be placed outdoors and is tamper-proof. The red […]

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JREX-103-2B Installed At NWIS Oil&Gas Platform in India

Aug 18, 2022

What is an intrinsically safe phone? Intrinsic safety is an abbreviation of “intrinsic safety”. It is a type of explosion-proof electrical equipment that can be used in industrial areas where there are explosive gases, oil platforms, mines, and other dangerous areas. Intrinsically safe power supply, if not protected by another explosion-proof type, can only be […]

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JR101-FK-Analog Waterproof Telephone Installed in Saudi Arabia Steel Fabrication Plant

Aug 12, 2022

JR101-FK waterproof phone In addition to normal office telephones, and home phones; The outdoors, industrial plants, tunnels, construction sites, and harsh environments, also need to use special requirements of a number of telephone communication. The weatherproof telephone is designed for outdoor by J&R Technology Co., Ltd An outer metal casting, sealing, and waterproof rating of IP66. […]

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Polish Prison Project Products Shipped

Aug 3, 2022

JR204-FK vandal proof phone. vandal proof phone for inmate phone calls purpose.  made of the metal body. The vandal proof phone is rugged and durable. The vandal proof phone is widely used in Jail and prison for inmate calls. The vandal proof phone is strong. The inmate can put money on phone for inmate calls.  […]

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American School Orders JR320-SC-4G Emergency Phone Tower

Jul 21, 2022

From June to July 2022, a school in the United States purchased a large number of emergency phone towers from J&R Product introduction: JR320-SC-4G Emergency roadside telephone aimed for highway, campus high risk area. one button push to talk. Blue light flashes. waterproof IP66 for outdoor for wide-area audio broadcast is desired.     The SOS emergency pillar […]

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Hungarian property company installs high-volume weatherproof phones for client’s yard

Jul 6, 2022

Project: Home Yard Phone Installation Time: July 2022 Model: JR101-4B-SIP Project introduction: In this project, the SIP telephone intercom system was installed in large quantities for the Hungarian property company, and the telephone intercom system was installed in the client’s yard. With SIP, you can call directly to the owner’s home, you can choose two-way voice […]

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It Would Be A Great Pleasure To Meet You At The EXPONOR 2022 Exhibition

Jun 29, 2022

Exponor, an exhibition held every two years in Antofagasta, Chile, links the latest developments in the mining industry. It is a source of strategic information about future investments and an opportunity for on-the-ground sharing with companies and exhibitors. It has a complete program of activities aimed at creating business opportunities and strengthening and building business […]

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Britain Hinkley Point Soundproof Telephone Box Project

Jun 22, 2022

The Hinkley Point nuclear power project is a tripartite cooperation project between China, France and the UK, and it is also the first nuclear power station built in the UK over 20 years after the nuclear power construction was suspended. The project recently customized a batch of soundproof and noise-reducing phone booths JR-TH-01 at J&R, […]

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J&R emergency telephones are installed in latvian elevators

Jun 15, 2022

J&R Emergency Telephone JR301-SC-4G was installed in an elevator in an industrial park in Latvia as emergency communication equipment. Elevators have multiple safety devices, but there are many things that can go wrong. Some people have been clamped in because of the abnormal opening and closing of the elevator, some people have encountered the situation […]

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Finnish Maritime Marine Waterproof Telephone Project

Jun 10, 2022

The Finnish maritime industry is world-renowned, and the shipbuilding industry is an important part of it. It occupies an important position in luxury cruise ships, polar ship construction, ship supporting facilities, and green environmental protection technology. J&R is pleased to have our JR103-FK Waterproof Telephone installed inside the cabin of the Finnish Offshore project as one […]

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J&R Weather fastness telephone installed in Russian coating factory

Jun 2, 2022

Some of the raw materials used in paint factories have certain toxicity, such as various solvents, pigments containing lead and chromium, etc., which may cause poisoning or occupational diseases. Some raw materials such as solvents, nitrocellulose, grease, etc. are flammable and explosive dangerous goods. For the consideration of environmental safety, the waterproof and Weather-resistant Telephone […]

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Qatar Offshore Oil Drilling Platform Explosion-Proof Telephone Project

May 25, 2022

Offshore oil drilling platform is a special ship used in offshore oil exploration, which requires high safety prevention. Working on a platform is a high-risk occupation, and accidents can happen if you are not careful. Therefore, the fire rescue equipment and radio communication equipment on the platform are very important. For the consideration of environmental […]

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Itaipu Hydropower Station Waterproof Telephone Project

May 18, 2022

In May 1991, the Itaipu Hydropower Station, which attracted worldwide attention, is the second largest hydropower station in the world in terms of installed capacity and second largest in power generation, second only to the Three Gorges Hydropower Station on the Yangtze River in China. Based on the consideration of the environment, Itaipu Hydropower Station […]

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J&R SIP loud speaker used in Asian tunnel project

Apr 27, 2022

1800 sets of SIP speakers JRSP-SIP-01 used in Asian tunnels have been produced and shipped. Thank you for your support and trust! SIP Speaker JRSP-SIP-01 is designed for outdoor environments. It allows users to remotely warn off intruders before they commit a crime, to deliver instructions during an emergency or to make general voice messages. The SIP […]

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J&R emergency telephone pillar are installed beside motorways in Britain

Apr 21, 2022

J&R is delighted to share customer feedback on images of emergency roadside telephones installed alongside UK motorways. To date, J&R emergency roadside phones have been operating successfully for over three years without any issues. The customer is very satisfied with the stability of our phone, and once again brings good news for the next project, […]

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Greek Highway Emergency Telephone Project

Apr 14, 2022

A customer from Greece ordered a batch of highway emergency telephone JR104-SC from J&R for emergency assistance on the highway. At present, this batch of emergency telephones has been produced and shipped. Thank you for your support and trust!   JR104-SC highway emergency phone is designed for outdoor use, the phone shell is aluminum alloy with anti-ultraviolet powder […]

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J&R Vandal Resistant Phone Installed in Malaysia Public Telephone Station

Apr 7, 2022

Customer in Malaysia purchased anti-vandal phone JR212-FK from J&R and installed it in crowded public places such as campuses, streets, and stations as a public emergency phone station. Recently, J&R has received favorable comments from Malaysian customers and provided us with feedback pictures of the installation and use of the phone. JR212-FK has the characteristics of […]

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J&R Anti-vandal phone installed in Algeria oilfield project

Apr 1, 2022

J&R Anti-vandal phone installed in Algeria oil field project picture, project name: Development of TINRHERT EPC 4 fields “Realization of the Collection and Concentrated Works Network of ALRAR Fields (First Gas). JR204-FK anti-vandal telephone has the characteristics of simple installation, convenient use, stable operation and strong compatibility. The phone features a high-quality cold-rolled steel panel that […]

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Mar 25, 2022

Waterproof telephone project in Indian metro 321 sets of full-keyboard subway waterproof telephone JR105-FK-SIP for Indian customers have been produced and are ready for shipment. Another 321 sets of waterproof hands-free phone JR104-SC-SIP purchased by this customer are in production, thank you for your support and trust! JR105-FK-SIP waterproof phone with LCD display, numeric keys and ABS material handset. The […]

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JR SOS Call boxs were installed on Indian roads.

Mar 17, 2022

JR SOS Call boxs were installed on Indian roads.

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