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Industrial Telephone Introduction

J&R Industrial Telephone

This article will introduce how Industrial Telephones can help improve internal communications in harsh environment such as Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro stations, Railway platform, Highway side, Hotels, Parking lots, Steel Plants, Chemical plants, Power plants and related heavy duty industrial application. The document will also look at IP networking issues that need to be evaluated when selecting industrial or emergency communications for industrial areas including SIP (VoIP) weatherproof telephones and explosion proof telephones.


Reliable industrial communication solution is very important

Tunnel, mining, maritime facilities, oil & gas platforms are notorious for their harsh environments where conventional communications are neither available or economically feasible. Brutal climate and environmental conditions combined with remote and isolated locations means that communication lifelines are increasingly important to manage and guarantee people safety.

Implementing secure, fast and reliable communications system is very important for these harsh industrial environment. Beyond that, most operators have highlighted the importance of allowing employees to stay in contact with their family as a key contributor to a better quality of life. Each industrial field – no matter marine, mining, tunnel or plants – is dealing with many of the same communication challenges and they are looking at improving communications, from emergency telephones, providing employees with a better working environment, and utilising new applications that will help the business to run more profitably.Finding the right communications solutions for industrial environment, with adequate bandwidth within budget, is therefore no small feat.

High-performance industrial communications is critical to keep central control room connected with industrial sites. Industrial and emergency telephones are often necessary communication devices on these industrial environment. Emergency telephones, often referred to as a SOS telephones or Emergency Call boxes, are used in emergency situations to notify a central control room about a fire, evacuation, entrapment…

To maintain communications in emergency situations at sites, whether it is accidents, sudden illness, personal injury or other emergency situations, it is critical to invest in dependable and rugged industrial telephones in these environment.


High Performance VoIP Industrial Telephones

J&R based in China is devoted to manufacture of high performance communications for industrial areas. J&R has rich experience of delivering industrial telephones into many world’s most challenging areas, ensuring essential voice communications when it is most needed. J&R industrial telephones are weather proof to IP67 and extremely robust, making it able to operate in industrial dirty or exposed harsh areas where icing, dust or grime quickly can become a problem. And we are flexible to provide various of industrial telephones, handsfree or handset version, hotline version or with full keypad and speed dialing or sequence dialing optional. And we are flexible to customize functions or appearance as per your specific needs. And all of the telephone models are available for Analogue, VoIP or GSM versions. And the article will mainly introduce the most popular VoIP version.


J&R SIP-based Industrial Telephones 

In the remaining part this article we shall look at some of the issues that needs to be addressed when selecting an effective VoIP / SIP telephone solution.



As with all major modern day industrial networks, there is a shift happening in industrial field towards implementing modern fiber / Ethernet networks. Rugged and heavy duty VoIP telephones represent a highly cost effective way to future-proof the fiber network for expansion using open standards whilst improving the communications.


Open SIP standards

A benefit with J&R VoIP Telephone is that it is based on open SIP standards. This means that you can use the J&R SIP function and transfer the calls to any IP PBX free of charge over the internet. Using open standards also means that the J&R solution is extremely cost effective when it comes to future maintenance and repairs. -You can easily swap out the J&R SIP phone or PBX at a later date, without having to worry about being tied to certain phone or switch products via proprietary protocols. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the most widely used protocol for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). For example, if you need to change from an Alcatel solution to a Cisco PBX solution or telephones at a later date, you can do this without having to worry if you need to change out any other infrastructure.

In addition, by J&R VoIP telephones, there are cost savings to be gained from remote system monitoring, fault checks and automatic reporting.


Noise Reduction and Voice Quality

User have a certain voice quality expectation when conducting a telephone conversation. This expectation is no different when using VoIP telephones in sites compared to using their fixed line telephone at home.

Quality of Service (QoS) is a feature found in all J&R VoIP telephones and refers to the ability to provide different priority of voice and data flows, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow, ensuring impeccable delivery of voice communications in an IP network.


Self-Monitoring and Fault Check Functions

To further reduce maintenance costs and improve overall system up-time, J&R offers automatic health-checks and fault sensing. This valuable feature gives the operator an immediate notification if there is a connectivity or function fault with the J&R unit, thereby ensuring timely repair and maintenance of your communications system.

The audio self-test involves testing the function of the SIP software, audio circuits and the handset by playing and recognizing a set of DTMF tones in the handset at pre-configured time intervals.


Choose J&R, choose reliable talks!


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