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J&R Hands-free Telephone was Installed at Tunnel Entrance project (Under Construction) in HongKong

We are very glad to share with you that one of our great customer from HongKong installed our JR308-FK-IW SIP handsfree emergency telephone in Tunnel Entrance,this tunnel project still under Construction.

As a standard SIP2.0 Protocol telephone and it connection to a VoIP network,with direct connection to LAN or WAN via connector and can be configured by web browser to work.Our SIP telephones provided a reliable & internal communication for all construction personnel of whole project.

JR308-SC-IW Telephone details:

  • Analogue,SIP,2G,3G or 4G version
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Phone line/POE/DC12V power supply
  • Full metal keypad with one button press to call or hang-up
  • On wall mounted or Flush mounted type for option
  • IP55-IP65 waterproof rating protection
  • Special Point to Point communication system support
  • Custom design include phone housing,color and silk-screen

J&R always welcome to your any valuable comment and inquiry and the best technical and excellent service will always provide you in time!

Hands-free Telephone

Hands-free Telephone

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