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JR103-FK Waterproof Telephone Installed in Fujian Luoyu Wharf

Luoyu Port

As the core port area of a large-scale dry bulk port built in Fujian, Luoyu Port is located on the main international shipping route and is the first large-scale deep-water port for large iron ore fleets to reach China in the south. With tons of large dry bulk cargo berths, the comprehensive throughput capacity can reach 125 million tons. The Luoyu operation area will form a contiguous scale effect of “two unloading and three loadings”. By accelerating the pace of “going out”, it will connect the trade exchanges between inland provinces and countries along the “Belt and Road”, and strive to build an international bulk cargo hub Port and International Mixing Center

JR103-FK Weatherproof Telephone

As industrial communication equipment, JR103-FK is an outdoor telephone, widely used in subways and tunnels. The outdoor phone is strictly tested by salt spray test for 5 days to 4 weeks, providing a complete communication system, including an outdoor VoIP phone and outdoor analog phone. Outdoor emergency phones are widely used in cruise ships, drilling platforms, ships, and docks to provide rugged phones and rugged waterproof phones.



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