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More Details About Mining explosion-proof telephones

The JREX106-HB is designed to provide safe, reliable communication in hazardous areas. the telephone sets were developed for operation in the petrochemical industry, usually used in the production, transportation, and refining of oil, natural gas, coal, etc. The housing is made of impact and shock-resistant GRP and is even resistant to acids, alkali, and lubricants. Its robust design represents a perfect“packaging” for the latest requirements for VoIP telephones combined with proven reliability for critical mission communications and high safety applications.

It is designed to provide ultimate user comfort based on industrial standards and decades of market-leading expertise and know-how. The telephone device features a display with integrated heating for ultra-low-temperature environments


APPLICATIONS of Explosion-proof VoIP Telephone

• Refineries • Sewage Plants

• Power Generation Facilities • Drilling Rigs

• Pulp and Paper Mills • Hydroelectric Facilities

• Food Processing Plants • Warehouses

• Chemical Plants • Mines

• Material Sites • Greenhouses

• Cement Plants and more

Electrical Performance: 

Network Rate: 10/100 Mbps Protocol SIP (RFC 3261 Compliant)

Power Requirements: Power over Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af over spare cable pair or external supply, 12V DC

Power consumption PoE: 2.5 W

Connection: Direct connection to LAN or WAN via RJ45 connector M.T.B.F. More than 50,000 hours using

Lightning / Transients: Protection to ITU-T k. 21 enhanced levels


Mechanical Specifications:

Hook Switch ( Cradle Switch ) Life :>1 000 000 Operations

Housing Material: High Impact Glass fiber-reinforced polyester

Handset Material: High Impact Thermoset Resin Compound

Mounting: Desk or Wall

Ringing volume: 95dB(A)in 1m distance

Microphone Noise Canceling Electret microphone Receiver Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)

Display :128 x 64 pixels

Hardware Material: Stainless steel

Wiring Access: 2xM20 Cable Gland Entry Points Net


Shipping Weight:7.5kg

Unit Dimensions (L x W x D); 302x240x129(mm)

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x D):405x280x170(mm)

Packaging materials: pearl cotton, carton

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