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Turkish Customers Use J&R Equipment To Participate in The Exhibition


J&R Technology Ltd. is a premier designer and manufacturer of standard and custom telephone solutions. Our products deliver industry proven and innovative high quality telephone technology to a broad range of private, and public businesses, industries, and applications.

The industrial intercom system is J&R’s demand for production and dispatching of chemical and petrochemical plants, on-site wired and wireless communication, electronic inspection, personnel safety management, etc., using modern computer technology, wireless communication technology, sensing technology, transmission technology, network technology, and automation. Industrial-grade explosion-proof security communication integrated systems developed by various advanced technologies such as control technology.

The industrial intercom system is equipped with an IP PBX system, a broadcasting and amplifying system, a telephone system, a wireless cluster system, an electronic patrol system, and an operator safety monitoring system. The unified upper computer is used for management, and the dispatching broadcast notification and alarms are provided to the entire plant. Sound and light coverage, wired and wireless calls, on-site staff tracking and security status monitoring, and provide digital communication interfaces for control systems, video surveillance systems, perimeter protection systems, access control systems, gas detection systems, and fire protection systems. All networked systems provide a comprehensive management platform for data reading, status monitoring, control output, and operational logging.

Turkey Exhibition

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