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Hong Kong Prison Telephone Project

Jun 4, 2021

As a new type of prison management mode, the prison telephone system is widely used in the prison management. It is a new type of integrated intelligent communication system for prisoners.And our video phone is also being used in it . It not only has the function of calling , but also can see the […]

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Israel Prison Telephone Project

May 27, 2021

  The prison telephone system plays an important role in the management of prisoners. Prisons usually install some Wall-mounted Vandal Resistance Prison Telephones to maintain the stability of using. Family communication by telephone can help prisoners to promote their ideological stability and peace of mind. Communication with the outside can also help prisoners to release […]

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Industrial Waterproof Telephone Project-Brazil

May 19, 2021

  Brazil, one of the “BRIC countries”, is an important economic large country in South America. The automobile industry is an important economic pillar sector of Brazil, contributing 20% of its industrial output value. Brazil’s automobile industry also drives the revitalization of upstream industries such as steel and autobile spare parts. Recently, a local industrial […]

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Turkey Tunnel Emergency Telephone Project 2

May 12, 2021

  J&R has successfully completed the production of 1,000 sets emergency telephones for the Turkish tunnel project and has already arranged the delivery. In the first phase of the project, J&R provides these 1,000 sets of JR103-CB-SIP weather-resistant emergency telephones which color is customized . After one month of material preparation and production, At the […]

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Turkey Tunnel Emergency Telephone Project

Apr 28, 2021

J&R is very honored to cooperate with one of Turkey’s largest road and tunnel automation system service providers in the tunnel emergency telephone project. In the first phase of the project, J&R provides 1,000 sets of JR103-CB-SIP weather-resistant emergency telephones which color is customized . After a month of material preparation and production, the production […]

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Saudi oil refinery Explosion-proof emergency telephone project

Apr 21, 2021

At the beginning of 2021, the explosion-proof emergency telephone project of J&R Technology Co., Ltd.  was successfully completed in Saudi oil refinery. Saudi Arabia has a very rich oil resources, has a pivotal position in the international oil market.As a major global oil producer, Saudi accounts for 10 percent of the world’s crude oil output.Most […]

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Australia Waste Recycling Station Project

Apr 7, 2021

  The waste recycling station is mainly engaged in waste recycling. It is a material reuse and recycling company establishes in accordance with national laws . According to its own advantage, it collects materials that enterprises or individuals need to abandon or scrap, reduce environmental pollution, and improve material recycling. Using , turning  waste into […]

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Australian Waste Disposal Station Project

Mar 31, 2021

Recycling of waste products refers to the collection, sorting, processing, and reuse of waste products. It is a kind of paid waste disposal and life service, which is purchased by professional and regular waste recycling stations or companies. Recently, a customer in Australia purchased a JR104-SC dust-proof and weather-proof phone from our company and installed […]

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Mexico Food Processing Plant Project

Mar 24, 2021

  Congratulations on the application of J&R’s waterproof industrial phone in a food processing plant in Mexico, and received fantastic feedback from customers. In order to maintain a good production level, improve labor productivity, ensure food safety, and smooth production work, the customer purchased the JR101-FK-L waterproof industrial phone from our company as their safety […]

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Saudi Arabia desalination plant project

Mar 18, 2021

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest producer of desalinated water. 60% of its water supply comes from the desalination industry. It has more than 36 desalination plants with a daily output of 3 million cubic meters of desalinated water. Our JR101-FK-HB industrial waterproof telephone was installed in a desalination plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. JR101-FK-HB […]

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New Zealand Food Factory Project

Mar 10, 2021

New Zealand is a highly developed capitalist country. The World Bank ranks New Zealand as one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. Its economy has successfully transformed from being dominated by agriculture to an industrialized free market economy with international competitiveness. The export value of deer antler, lamb, dairy products and coarse wool […]

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Tunis metal processing plant project

Mar 3, 2021

The headquarters of Mathevon DEVELOPPEMEN, a French company that manufactures heavy metals, has ordered JR101-FK-L-SIP industrial waterproof telephones from J&R for emergency equipment at its metal processing plant in Tunisia due to safety concerns. JR101-FK-L-SIP Industrial Waterproof Telephone has great stability and strong anti-interference ability, in line with national standards GB/T 15279-94. The phone support full duplex communication, […]

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New Project on Railway in Turkey

Feb 25, 2021

   Turkey is a country that straddles Europe and Asia. Its location and strategic significance of geopolitical are extremely important, and it is a crossroad connecting Europe and Asia. In Turkey, railways are an important and common mode of transportation, and you can even rent a train. The total length of Turkey’s railway is 8,607 […]

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Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Feb 4, 2021

Dear Customers, J&R is much appreciate all of you for giving our company full supports in 2020! Here, we are pleased to inform you that the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is upcoming, and in order to celebrate this biggest traditional festival, our office and factory will be temporarily out of duty from Feb.5th to Feb. 19th, 2021. […]

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Energy Company Project, USA

Feb 3, 2021

J&R is honored to cooperate with one of the Fortune 500 company in the United States。The core business of the energy company is natural gas processing and transportation, as well as other oil and power generation assets. In this cooperation, the customer chose our JR102-SC waterproof and weather resistant telephone as the emergency help equipment […]

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Waterproof Industrial Telephone Project

Jan 27, 2021

Colombia has a moderate level of development in Latin America and has maintained continuous economic growth for over 10 years. In Colombia with a high degree of marketization, the international community is generally optimistic about its long-term economic development prospects. Colombia’s industry is dominated by manufacturing, in which mining is one of the local pillar […]

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J&R Weatherproof Telephone Installed in BNL

Jan 21, 2021

Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory located in Upton, New York, on Long Island, and was formally established in 1947 at the site of Camp Upton. Research at BNL specializes in nuclear and high energy physics, energy science and technology, environmental and bioscience, nanoscience and national security. The 5,300 acre campus contains several large research […]

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Emergency Access Control System Telephone Project

Jan 13, 2021

Access control and security systems are used to protect personnel and property, so the system and equipment itself must be safe. On the one hand, the telephone equipment should be able to prevent high and low temperatures, rain, radiation, electromagnetic interference and so on. On the other hand, the telephone and security system should also have […]

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Prison Telephone Project in Canada

Jan 7, 2021

The prison telephone system plays an important role in the management of prisoners. Prisons usually install some Wall-mounted Vandal Resistance Prison Telephones to maintain the stability and use of the phone. Family communication by telephone can help prisoners to promote their ideological stability and peace of mind. Communication with the outside can also help prisoners’ emotional and […]

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Holiday Notice of the New Year

Dec 31, 2020

New Year’s day are coming soon, J&R thank you for your follow and support over the past year as well as wishing you and yours a happy new year.   Please be noticed that our company will be temporarily off for the holidays from January 01, 2021 to January, 03, 2021 and will resume regular operations on January, 04, 2021.   […]

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